Welcome to BRIM!  At Our Fundraising Search we are brimming with innovative ideas to share with our nonprofit partners. This week we bring you BRIM! For when you cannot do one more zoom call.

BRIM! = Book Reviews in Miniature

We read for inspiration and to exercise our brains. We seek creative ideas which, when shared, might assist our clients and friends. Our first selection is:

THINKING FAST & SLOW by Daniel Kahneman

From the author we learn about the limits of human rationality and the importance of persistence and consistency. Both are words I use to describe the critical role of development officers. And we all know that goals both personal and professional make a large difference in our results and how we approach our days.

For our donors we learn that judgments and decisions are guided by feelings of liking and disliking, with little deliberation or reasoning. When faced with a difficult task, we often do the easier one instead. Think back on how hard it was to get planned giving into your last donor conversation and you or the donor changed the subject quickly. Tastes and decisions are made by memories. And luck plays a large role in every story of success. In fact, a little talent and a lot of luck equals great success!

As relates to your organization’s case for support – do not use complex language when simpler language will do. Try to make your message memorable. The “mere exposure effect” will aid you even during these challenging times. You see there is a direct link between repetition of an idea or cause and the mild affection that your donor may have for it. We cannot assume that donors will learn about your nonprofit by mere statistics. You have to show them using one or two representative cases to influence them. 

Most of us realize that it is easier to recognize other people’s mistakes rather than our own. We must act calmly and kindly regardless of how we really feel. And finally, WYSIATI. With this term “what you see is all there is” the author explains why we can think fast and make sense of partial information in a complex world. This will help us stay grounded as we persevere during this pandemic.

Share with us what you are reading and recommending, and we will do so as well. 

Happy reading!