This morning I figured it out. I have been cooped up exactly one month and I have been depressed-dismayed-disgruntled. As a long-time nonprofit fundraiser and consultant, I work best in public, in person, with my clients and colleagues.

Like you I have been unable to focus, didn’t know where to turn. But we have current clients, we are staying in touch with former clients and future prospects, and we are still signing new partners.

Yes, there may be some nonprofits go out of business. Maybe they should. New organizations will rise up to meet the increased needs and demand of the changing economy. Some faithful organizations will continue on and adapt to move forward.

We at Our Fundraising Search survived the 9/ll aftermath and the 2008 recession. We have not just made it through, we have thrived and so have our clients. We are resilient. We will still be here when this crisis is over.

I know what I must do now. I am reading, writing, learning new skills. I am staying in touch with past and present friends and reaching out and participating in new and old groups online. I have made my lists of prospects to work on, am writing 3 new books, designing a board game, crafting new presentations and improving old ones. I have given myself a deadline. Yes, this time shall pass, and we will be ready.

I encourage you to do 3 things every day that advance your career or your organization’s mission. Revise your resume, learn a new communication technique, call a donor, write a note, envision a new program. Adversity really does breed creativity.

At Our Fundraising Search we are still reviewing candidate credentials and conducting searches online. We are offering upskilling opportunities for nonprofit boards and development teams through Zoom and individualized coaching. We are guiding executive directors and their employees and volunteers, and assisting them with any of their fundraising needs. They will be well-positioned for when the coronavirus is abated.

Let us help you be prepared today so you’ll be equipped to hit the ground running when you need it most. You can reach us any time through this form.