In past years, we have written about fundraising trends, specifically what you might expect in the coming year. We rarely foresee gloom and doom, but this year we say, “buckle up!”

If major companies are laying off a significant portion of their workforce: Robinhood (31%), Snap (20%), Stripe (14%), Lyft (13%), Carvana (8%), Doordash (6%), Tesla (50%), and others, what can nonprofit organizations expect? Probably more of the same.

What should you be doing now? Don’t spend any time worrying or fretting. Step up and do the right thing at the right time and the right time is now.

If you are unhappy with your job, apply for a new one. As always, don’t quit until you secure a new position. Experienced, qualified development officers are in high demand and they, in turn are receiving higher salaries. Network with friends and families about their favorite nonprofits. Contact your references and former employers.

If you are not unhappy in your current role, update your resume anyway. Like a good scout, you should always be prepared.

Stop blaming COVID, the weather or the economy, get back to the basics which always includes the personal touch. At work, show some appreciation to your volunteers. Clean off your desk. Thank your donors. Get in touch with your lybunts (last year but unfortunately not this year) and sybunts (some years but unfortunately not this year).

Read something inspirational. Finalize your 2023 fundraising plan. Take a deep breath and plunge in. The new year is upon us. Make it a great one.