Do you have a great development officer? Has she been at your nonprofit longer than 14 months-the average tenure of a development officer? Is he a great teammate and valued member of your organization’s leadership team? Then, before he applies for another job or she gets recruited by a competitor, it may be time to give your development officer some recognition.

The U. S. has a record number of job openings. At Our Fundraising Search, we are conducting a record number of searches. It is becoming harder and harder to identify and recruit qualified development officers. If good fundraisers are hard to find and the longer they serve in one nonprofit the better job they will do, then it makes sense to appreciate your development officer today. Write him a note. Take her to lunch. Give comp time off because they worked all weekend at your events.

Salaries of the best candidates are increasing. It is very expensive to conduct a search whether you engage a firm or handle with your own resources. You may want to give your development officer a raise or a promotion. Just make sure you appreciate the passion and expertise of the one who serves in this critical role in your nonprofit. You won’t regret it.