[Atlanta, GA, October 29, 2021] Leading a nonprofit is challenging and rewarding work. Nonprofit board members, CEOs, Executive Directors and fundraising leaders – and those who aspire to those roles – are expected to engage donors to raise money effectively. Yet, most have received little or no training or support in advancement. A new book seeks to tackle that problem. Fundraising for All: What Every Nonprofit Leader Should Know is launching on November 1, 2021.

“Fundraising scares and intimidates most people, which is purely rational,” says Linda Wise McNay, Ph.D., one of the coauthors of the book. “Asking people for money can be scary. It’s also an absolute necessity for a nonprofit’s survival. This book helps nonprofit leaders and boards understand the complexity of fundraising and perform it successfully.”

Joining McNay in writing the book are Ailena Gibby Parramore and David M. Paule. The three are experienced fundraising consultants and nonprofit executives who have helped charities across the country build sustainable revenue programs. Their company, Our Fundraising Search, published the book.

The authors point out that the leaders of nonprofits frequently come up through the operational ranks, and enter their jobs intimidated by the revenue generating functions. The book is full of lessons and anecdotes drawn from their years both leading and consulting with nonprofits in similar situations.

“Many nonprofits do not have a chief development officer or experienced advancement staff,” McNay reveals. “This book provides detailed explanations of which fundraising tasks are the most important and which should be undertaken first by an organization.” Annual giving, major giving, capital campaigns, and endowments are all explained in the book’s ten chapters.

“One of the things that makes this book unique is the holistic approach we’ve taken, based on the lessons we learned from our other books,” said Parramore. “We start the book by talking about the organization’s strategic plan. A nonprofit’s strategic plan serves as the foundation for all fundraising. We also talk about how nonprofits need to invest in building a next generation of philanthropists through strategies focused on engaging young donors.” Collectively, the authors have written seven books prior to Fundraising for All.

The book completes a series that McNay began in 2014, and that includes fundraising books directed at schools, museums and churches. Paule, who served as CEO for two nonprofits and head of marketing and fundraising for two others, observed, “Generating funds needs to be the focus of every nonprofit executive. ‘Nonprofit’ is a tax status. It’s not a license to lose money. With this book, we capture the foundational elements of fundraising that are applicable to all nonprofits, rather than focus on the elements that make individual types of nonprofits unique.”

The book will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online retailers in both paperback and ebook by November 1, 2021. Readers who are interested can learn more at ourfundraisingschool.com

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