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As museums emerge from the pandemic and return to long-range planning, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel has become more expansive. Institutions are grappling with the aftermath of dramatic shifts in programming, exhibitions, and operations. Staff, board members, and volunteers are also considering how to address a host of thorny issues – racial justice, climate change, political turmoil, the nature of democracy, and other concerns – in a time when tensions are high and work/life balance feels increasingly elusive. As we move forward, the horizons before us are full of frontiers both exciting and challenging. During this session at the Southeastern Museums Conference, Dave Paule, Principal & Managing Director at Our Fundraising Search, will explore how museums can attract more diverse audiences and new donors. So many of our institutions talk about being more inclusive from an exhibitions/educational standpoint but what about being more inclusive with your development/fundraising approach?

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