How Our Search Works

At Our Fundraising Search, we understand the challenges you face in finding a development director who will take your nonprofit organization to new fundraising heights. After years of matching top candidates with Atlanta clients, Our Fundraising Search has formalized the process. We help Atlanta’s busy nonprofit boards and CEOs successfully fill critical development positions.

We execute a structured, deliberate, objective and cost-effective process. We also offer interim staffing until your search is completed.

Our database of development career seekers is continually growing, so your search goes beyond collecting “applications” from candidates. We find skilled, experienced professionals to meet your unique job opening and defined mission.

Your search is held in the strictest confidence and results are guaranteed.

  • Linda Wise McNay, Ph.D., contacts your executive director to ascertain candidate qualifications.
  • A job description is confirmed.
  • A compensation package is determined.
  • The job posting is drafted and placement venues recommended. Job listing is posted.
  • We search targeted databases, including our own extensive network of development professionals.
  • You promote your job listing in your newsletters and on your website.
  • We screen resumes.
  • We perform additional candidate inquiries.
  • We conduct telephone and face-to-face interviews.
  • We provide weekly updates to the client.
  • We recommend the top 3-4 highly qualified candidates.
  • We provide a final written recommendation.

For your next fundraising search, call 404-895-5942 or email ourfundraisingsearch(at)